Ahead of UN COP22: 600 Mosques to Go Green in Morocco

Morocco government is expecting to have about six hundred mosques undergo change to become ‘green’ by the year 2019 through solar energy installations and other green renovations. The idea which was generated by the Moroccan government as part of a national intended awareness creation programme targeted at quickening the country’s steps towards clean energy. The said six hundred mosques will see renovations and the introduction of LED lighting, solar thermal water heaters and photovoltaic systems installed. More interesting, about hundred mosques (located in the cities like Marrakech and Casablanca) are expected to go green by the end of 2016 while the project further towards less populated areas.

The project which is in partnership with the German government has already made payments amounting to 70 per cent of the project’s initial investment cost – as reported by Arthur Neslen. Additionally, the project is having a very innovative service conditions which translate that contractors of the project are to be paid by energy savings produced from the clean energy systems which they are going to install. A good profit returns is expected to result from the clean energy project as there is an anticipated forty per cent reduction in electricity usage in the green mosques.

The most interesting aspect of the project is how it automatically addresses some of the global goals of high relevance such as gender equality and climate action. The project is involving many female clerics, imams, and also experiencing a higher female participants during forums organized in relation to the project.

In November this year, in Marrakech – Morocco will host the 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22). The post-Paris conference has got most climate activist looking up to the host country and other nations to work towards halting global warming below 2 degrees calcium. Earlier this week, we had news of China and the United States accepting the Paris Agreement – very good news. Divestment from fossil fuel (coal as a keen target now) to clean energy has been the focus for many nations as part of the Intended National Determined Contributions (INDCs) submitted prior to the Paris Agreement.

There have been good news in Africa, regarding clean energy following COP21. In Africa, Nigeria is going to generate a 75 MW of solar power for 1 million homes through a Power Purchase Agreement; Ghana’s coal plans have been halted while breaking news reveals the country is considering wind power – amazing news and congratulations to all the climate advocates who were part of the #NoCoal2Gh campaign which made significant impact in Ghana; Benin is also going into 100 MW of ADDGAS- generated power while Morocco set pace and setting example as a COP22 host by developing this green mosque project.

Morocco’s Ouarzazate producing an anticipated 580 Megawatts of power in 2020 and also as a country with the largest wind farm in Africa, the country is currently championing renewable energy like no other. There is a higher prospect for renewable energy for Africa, although some prominent people like Bill Gates have over emphasized their doubt on renewable energy being the solution to Africa’s energy deficits.

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