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Trade fair infrastructure development (Zambia)


Zambia International Trade Fair general manager Alex Mayeya addressing the 2016 exhibitors at the main arena. Picture HUMPHREY NKONDE read more

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South Africa: Spectrum Auction towards Digital Migration Needs A Rigor Plan

According to Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO at Integr8, says South Africa, by all accounts, is lagging in this process and the situation involving the regulator ICASA (the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) remains precarious and more needs to be done. read more

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Challenges Faced By Somaliland Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

In Somaliland, the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector is the biggest income and employment generator. It hosts thousands of people and is the largest business sector. SMEs that trade in clothes, food, agricultural products, consumables, gold, beverages and fruits are visible on the streets of every city and town of Somaliland. And these traders support families who may find it difficult to get alternative sources of income. read more

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Eritrea: Some Clarifications

Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion
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Standing by Side of the Needy as Medical Volunteers


High School students who need to enroll at a summer medical program have a few choices at their hands. Working as a medical volunteer is an uplifting experience not only for your career, but also for your soul. Teenage is indeed a strange time when the heart feels deeper than ever. This urge from the heart needs a right direction; otherwise, it is simply too confusing. Any decision you take in this time is either going to be a cherishing moment or something that you would quickly forget. You can either feel a deep need to stand by the side of the needy, or you might convince yourself that there are others who would go. The best choice of course is not to manipulate yourself, and do the best you can for the world. read more

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Crime Rates In Western Cape At It’s Dangerous Peak

Data on crime for the Western Cape remains at a dangerous peak as statistics revealed by the Police Commissioner’s office shows just a slight progress in crime cases but the situation is nowhere closer to better – murder cases are significantly on the rise. Despite the fear and odd report for Western Cape, crime rates in the province is considered very low as compared to almost all other province in the country. read more

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