Crime Rates In Western Cape At It’s Dangerous Peak

Data on crime for the Western Cape remains at a dangerous peak as statistics revealed by the Police Commissioner’s office shows just a slight progress in crime cases but the situation is nowhere closer to better – murder cases are significantly on the rise. Despite the fear and odd report for Western Cape, crime rates in the province is considered very low as compared to almost all other province in the country.

The crime data, issued by the National Police Commissioner for the 2015/2016 period for the Western Cape Province shows a 1.2 per cent increase in murder cases- thus, shooting from 3,186 cases in 2014/2015 to 3,224 cases in the new released data. The data also affirms continuous rise of murder cases starting from 2012.

Conversely, notes from the DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Safety also applauds Police Service in the country on their effort towards the proven reduction in sexual harassment cases as well as other sexual offences, and also reduction in assault related to grievous bodily harm and other cruelty. According to the data released, there were 25,539 assault in relation to grievous bodily harm cases in the province, though this is quiet huge, it is comparatively a good figure as it represents a reduction of 2.5 per cent when sided with records from previous data. On the right path, the police services also deserve applauds for the reduction in the frequency of the occurrence of common robberies which stood at a 7 per cent reduction rate in the Province.

The DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Safety also emphasized on the need for additional resources to help them tackle crime occurrences – especially, cases that are on the rise like Murder. They also highlighted insufficient Police to Person ratio in dense crime areas as some of the reasons giving room for such crime occurrences.

We reiterate the call for more police resources to be made available to the Western Cape in order to deal with violent crime such as murder and other contact crimes. Police to person ratios in areas like Nyanga and Delft are among the reasons for the high number of contact and violent crimes.

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