Standing by Side of the Needy as Medical Volunteers

High School students who need to enroll at a summer medical program have a few choices at their hands. Working as a medical volunteer is an uplifting experience not only for your career, but also for your soul. Teenage is indeed a strange time when the heart feels deeper than ever. This urge from the heart needs a right direction; otherwise, it is simply too confusing. Any decision you take in this time is either going to be a cherishing moment or something that you would quickly forget. You can either feel a deep need to stand by the side of the needy, or you might convince yourself that there are others who would go. The best choice of course is not to manipulate yourself, and do the best you can for the world.


Choosing right

Deciding on the right medical volunteering program is important. The options basically are three. You can look for a program for medical volunteering in developing economies such as in Africa. Selecting to work as a medical volunteer in Africa is an excellent choice when you want to pursue social service as a career option. Of course, it is also the perfect way to take when you aspire to be an exceptional doctor or a nurse.

You can opt for a local program in your home state, or anywhere in the country. Alternatively, you can also go for a medical program for high school students at any accredited University. Both are good choices to learn, but you do not get a true experience of real life conditions in developing countries.

A true motive

Working as a medical volunteer in tough foreign climates is not essentially everyone’s cup of tea. One needs to have a heartfelt urge to share the fate of the helpless, even if for a few days. Many students may not enroll because they shirk from obvious hardships. You may have real medical reasons or other personal circumstances, but if the pain of social groundwork is your sole concern, then you may not be really ready for it.


You might need to do some soul searching to see if you really want to choose this life’s calling. Of course you have to work without prejudice or pride, and accept only bare basic living conditions at times. You have to work with compassion and empathy, and these are qualities not all can cultivate comfortably. It is not a matter of shame though because people have different ways of viewing life.

Choices are always personal. However, if you want to work as a volunteer, do look up a professional B-Corporation. Several organizations are making valuable contributions in this field. A certified B-corporation utilizes business empowerment to contribute to the solutions of social and environmental issues.

Professional enrollment

Prior to enrolling, check out different necessary aspects. Make sure that it’s a recognized organization with sufficient resources to deliver a perfect experience. See if they are related with other key bodies in the field, like the Peace Corps, and the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Check out the service website and the official blog for a glimpse into the experience of working as a medical volunteer in Africa for them.

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