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ZAMREAL Summit to Promote Zambian Property Investment

Zambia is one of the most accessible and investor-friendly countries in which to conduct real estate business in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is evident from the considerable number of foreign and Pan-African investors who have developed and invested in various  large-scale projects across Zambia. read more

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Tempo Money Transfer Commence Mega Project in West and Central Africa

Tempo Money Transfer, in collaboration with its partner Express Union has begun a large project in Africa, where the France and Germany -based Tempo Money Transfer company has been carrying out intensive development. Following the mega study, Tempo Money Transfer issued a study on the remittances segment of a 1.1-billion populated region, in Africa. read more

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Fairtrade Commit To Fighting Climate Change, And Inequalities To Support Farmers

Fairtrade released its annual report recently which exhibited their new initiatives on climate, textiles, and gender among many others. The reports also mirrors the organization’s impression that the greatest way of driving economic improvement is way higher than the sales of Fairtrade. read more

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Discop Africa: Awards Four Exceptional Content Producers And Authors

DISCOP organizes pitching contests of which the most recent happened mid of this year at Abidjan and another one in Johannesburg this November. These series of contests by DISCOP Africa has grown to become the continent’s “must-attend” event – especially for individual producers who are in need of financial support, mentorship, and seeking to enlarge their network. read more

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