Discop Africa: Awards Four Exceptional Content Producers And Authors

DISCOP organizes pitching contests of which the most recent happened mid of this year at Abidjan and another one in Johannesburg this November. These series of contests by DISCOP Africa has grown to become the continent’s “must-attend” event – especially for individual producers who are in need of financial support, mentorship, and seeking to enlarge their network.

During DISCOP’s Abidjan pitching competition that took place in June, four projects from producers in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon and Senegal – which are descried by DISCOP as very excellent and setting a high standard for the next pitching contest (on November 3rd), received consentient support from the judges after being unique in originality and professionalism in animation, documentary, and television series.

The first prize in the animated series went to El Hadji Malick SECK on his project “Afrika’s Amazone” – The heritage of King Behanzin: 4 Amazons whose mission is to protect the people of Africa against a rich and shameless tyrant.

“The Journey” won first prize in Documentary – a road movie story with two Central Africans travelling through Cameroon and Nigeria to buy motorbikes after a civil war which erupted in Central Africa Republic. Authored by Arice SIAPI from Cameroon.

 In TV series, “Dowe Mba” wins the first prize award. Authored by Samantha BIFFOT in Gabon, Dowe is a court intern who investigates at night, wearing a powerful ancient mask.

“Invisible” produced by Karamoko TOURE and created by Alex Gou, from Ivory Coast was awarded the Grand Prize. “Invisible” dive into the daily life of the Microbes, these street children in Abidjan, who lost their bearings and attack the population in roving bands.

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