AGRF 2016: Kenya commits 200 million USD to support Kenyan agriculture sector

africaAfrica is on a brighter prospect considering the enormous space the continent is having to contain all sort of technological advancements and developments. Above all of these potentials, Agriculture stands tall amidst all challenges the continent is facing. About a week ago, Master Card Foundation granted financial support in partnership with Root Capital in supporting 300,000 farmers in West Africa.

H.E. Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, AUC Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, joined Kenyan President H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and President of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame at a presidential panel on transforming African agriculture, during the official opening ceremony of the Alliance for a Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2016, in Nairobi, Republic of Kenya on the 8th of September.

Ranging from issues regarding innovation in Agriculture, advancing technology for farmers, youth and women empowerment, engaging private sector, and participation in agriculture and building capacity for all stakeholders in the agriculture value chain, the panelist at the AGRF 2016 deliberated on all possible ways to transform agriculture in Africa. Kenyan President, emphasized and called for all leaders to strengthen their responses in addressing all challenges preventing agriculture advancement, and to help fight food insecurity in Africa while creating employment.  “Let us streamline our national plans and strategies and align them to the AU Malabo Declaration and have specific timelines to achieve the set goals,” H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta said.

Additionally, the president devoted 200 million USD to support Kenyan agriculture sector over the next five years. H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta also called for good accountability and suggested that there should be continental agricultural performance scorecard.

Following that, H.E Paul Kagame also highlighted that agricultural sector should be seen as the backbone of African countries and a sector responsible for transformation while stressing the importance of including the private sector in the entire value chain. He put forward to all leaders that it is time to walk the talk, “We need to move from what we know needs to be done to doing something…we need to just go ahead and do it,” he said.

The AGRF 2016, under the theme, “seize the moment” has brought African leaders to advance policies and secure investments that will ensure a better life for millions of Africa’s farmers and families. Commissioner Tumusiime, made reference to Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP), the AU 2014 Malabo Declaration, and Africa’s Agenda 2063, she said the AUC empowers countries to have eligible strategies to transform agriculture and to ensure that commitments and decisions made by AU leaders are being met.

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