Youth in Agribusiness, a Solution to Transforming Africa


Agriculture is the backbone of the African economy and in recent times, more youth in Africa are using innovations to boost the agricultural supply chain in Africa, although there are existing challenges facing many young farmers across the continenet. Recently, one the common and famous plantations you find across West Africa is Palm. The palm tree serves several purposes and its farming and trading, has grown rapidly in other parts of the world including Malaysia. In Ghana, the palm tree farming and trading is being practiced by many farmers on a small scale and few on large scale.

One of the innovative organizations dealing with palm production is the Green Afro-Palms, which is a youth-led agro-organization in Ghana. The organization aims at creating sustainable Agri-business driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and a desire for social change; selecting and presenting Oil Palm as a crop for vegetating Africa’s environment, generating jobs and incomes for sustainable livelihoods. Their core activities are agro-processing, thus processing quality palm oil for sales on local and international markets; farming, which includes adopting plantations in Ghana, owned and lacking proper care by small scale farmers, and managing them under best management practices for improved yields; Sensitization, including conducting research into the development of agriculture for Africa, specifically oil palm and sensitize the youth of Africa for their involvement in agriculture with focus on modern technologies through campaigns, conferences and seminars.

In the first two years of operation, the organization has mobilized small scale oil palm farmers into farmer based associations, completed the 1st phase of their crude palm oil processing facility in operations in Ghana, and provided improved palm oil milling services to over 200 farmers. The founder of the organization, Ababio Kwame, has optimism in the young African’s contribution to Africa’s development so together with his organization; he is geared in implementing farming for sustainable development against all odds and distractions for Africa to contribute in feeding the world, reducing poverty and providing employment for upcoming generations.

The Green Afro-Palms in Ghana, represents the strength of youth in transforming Africa through innovation and modern Agriculture.

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