Bright Creations of Egypt Will Appear at GITEX 2016 Technology Week

Egypt’s Bright Creations will be exhibiting at GITEX at the Dubai World Trade Centre at the Sheikh Saeed Hall S-E1. The company which offers wide range of services include CRM Solutions, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, HR Solutions, Recruitment & Training, Mobile Content/Apps, Mobile Solutions, Smart Health, Software, and Startups was founded by Mahamad El Tanahy in 2008, and is one of the fastest growing digital agencies and app developers in the region.

With branches in historic Cairo and the glitz of Dubai, the award winning agency has 120 projects, 65 employees and international clients the likes of Google and Du among others. Bright Creations ( strives to generate the most innovative technology products and creative strategies that empower governments, startups, multinationals and individuals to achieve their strategic objectives.

Through its distinguished staff, unparalleled passion and talented young technology team, Bright Creations represents a unique role model to follow in the field of digital, product development and creative design providing professionalism and creativity every step of the way.

The 36th GITEX technology week is anticipated to be greater and better than any of the previous events. The event will have a pitching session to learn new technological innovations from people across the world. This year, GITEX will be held in Dubai at the World Trade Centre this October. The exhibitor list include world famous brands such as HP, Wavelink, and Accenture.

36th GITEX Technology Week

16-20 October, 2016

Dubai World Trade Centre

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