IBM cloud is aiding business expansion in Africa

African companies adopting IBM hybrid cloud solutions to help boost their businesses by maximizing the efficiency and impact of their industries. The IBM cloud is now working with 8 companies across Africa.

Naveo, in Mauritius, specializes in fleet management solutions, providing tracking tools designed to help customers dispatch vehicles more effectively, improve worker performance and reduce operating costs. To better their operations, Naveo simply migrated to the IBM’s hybrid cloud which provides them a better platform to host its fleet-tracking and asset-tracking GPS solutions, improve operational performance and eliminate system downtime. As a result of the migration to the highly-scalable IBM Cloud, the company was able to develop and launch Naveo One, an all-in-one fleet management solution offering telematics, telemetry and geographic information system (GIS) capabilities.  Another company in Mauritus, Korrect Software who deals with metadata management and sales analysis for record labels and companies in the music and entertainment industry, implemented IBM’s bare-metal server infrastructure which currently provides them with the ability to efficiently process a quantum of data without bandwidth limitations. IBM’s cloud-based solution allows application users to get timely reports on their entitled royalties.

In Angola, a distribution company working with supermarkets which use to manage its HR manually switched to IBM Business Process Manager Standard software. Though that, the company successfully automated its manual business procedures, improving efficiency and saving time up to 50%.

Another company is Whogohost, a leading web services and hosting solutions provider in Nigeria. Whogohost migrated to IBM Cloud following a hosting downtime issues which made business unpleasant for them. Moving to IBM’s cloud, the company can now boast of a strong and dependable up-time performance. Again in Nigeria, Serve Consulting which is an IT firm, migrated to the IBM cloud and following that there has been a boost in the businesses ability to offer customers higher-quality service levels while ensuring an effective operating expenditure model that is much easier to use and manage.

In Ghana, West Africa, a media company moved to using the IBM cloud and through that developed a new billing system for its clients through the scalable IBM WebSphere software and an IBM data server. Additionally, the media company raised its operating efficiency, boosted its revenue streams and reduced customer churn and its total cost of ownership when through the IBM Cloud.

An IT company in North Africa which deals in domain registration, web development and web design and hosting services, has recorded consistent growth of its customer base, significantly improved business performance and service delivery levels since it adopted an IBM hybrid cloud infrastructure which aim to help businesses maintain high performance for their cloud solutions while providing significant improvements in flexibility and redundancy and the ability to scale easily as they developed. IntTeck Global Systems in Nigeria a local developer and vendor for Global Insurance Business Solution, a core insurance application from Lagos, Nigeria, needed to consistently deliver innovative software products and enhance the efficiency of its service delivery value chain. Since adopting IBM’s Cloud infrastructure, the company has experienced increased customer satisfaction levels, easier configuration and deployment of virtual machines, reduced operational costs and improved regulatory compliance within its industry.

With all these improvement being witnessed by diverse companies of varied background, it is of no doubt that IBM’s cloud solutions is on the pathway to transform Africa. The continent has severally been highlighted by experts as an investment region with enormous opportunities for development and technological advancement.

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