Great Prospect for Dairy Products Market in Kenya

Most sub Saharan countries depends largely on Agriculture for the rise of their economy. In Kenya, it is more vital as Agriculture contributes substantially to the country’s GDP. A study conducted by Ken Research shows that Kenya’s dairy sector is on the rise as dairy farmers keeps increasing which has led to a regional recognition as the country’s dairy sector has evolved to become very functional in dairy product trade in the continent.

According the study which is titled “Kenya Dairy Products Market Outlook to 2020 – New Product Launches in Kenya to Dairy Product Market,” yoghurt seems to be the fast growing product in the country. As substitute to milk and also for other purposes, milk powder sales in the country (especially, rural settlements) by small and medium enterprises has boost the shoot up. In addition to that is Cheese – which is also gaining high productivity and demand within the country.

According to reports, attractive packaging accompanied with interesting promos has contributed to the increase sales of yoghurt and cheese by many manufacturers. The market yielded higher results when producers decided to cut off prices of dairy items and thus, increasing demand in a very fast manner which has reflected in a quick revenue growth. Despite these advancements for the dairy product sector, the industry is significantly affected by instability of local currency to the US dollar which influence the market of dairy products.

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