Promoting African Culture Through Clothes and Fabrics


In modern times, African culture is being displayed in many material forms and to that, we are gradually expanding our reach on the global market. In recent decades, it is of no surprise to see folks in Europe or the United States wearing clothing manufactured from African print materials or clothing with African symbols inscribed in it. The use of beads as chains, bracelets, etc is no longer a thing of Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, or any of the sub Saharan countries but could be found in many parts of the world.

This shows the strength of the clothing and textile industry in African and how they promote cross cultural relationships. Recently in Ghana, there are a number of fashion industries who are producing African print garments and clothes that adopts the western style. You will now see suits and jackets being made of a mixture of western cotton materials and local African prints. As quality of garments raised to become an issue in Ghana and other West African countries, some industrial key, resorted to producing their own fabric and garments until quality was restored on market. Additionally, some other local clothing shops currently prefer buying fabrics from international market which is gradually killing the local industry. If we want to expand and really communicate our culture in what we wear, then there is a need to produce local clothes from traditional fabrics.

In the African culture, decency is keen in preserving our long valued traditions. During a recent clothing bazaar by Winglow Clothes and Textiles (award winning garment company in Accra), it was intriguing to see many foreigners showing great interest in Ghanaian fabrics, clothing, and the designs made by the clothing and textile company. This interest expressed by the visitors in Africa, and also the observation of a gradual growth in the number of African print clothes shopped in other parts of the world is a clear indicator of a great prospect for the fashion industry in Africa. As such, it is important for Africans to wear what we produce to boost the fashion and clothing industry in Ghana and all across Africa.

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