Three top security trends in 2017 – ’servification’ and DNA protection

by Monica Hallin, CEO, Vindico Group

The security industry is constantly changing and the only thing we can say with certainty about the future is that it is uncertain, as the saying goes. But a number of prominent trends stand out that will leave its mark on the industry in 2017. Monica Hallin, security expert and CEO of Vindico Group, takes a look into the crystal ball and lists the three strongest trends in security in 2017:

  1. Societies’ responsabilities for the safety and security of citizens continue to erode

We have in recent decades and years, seen faster and stronger social changes globally – financially, culturally and in safety. Citizens feel that important social functions such as pensions, elderly care, health care, policing etc is being eroded and realize that they must take personal responsibility for their safety and security. Police is untrusted and inefficient in many countries. There is a general feeling that society does not do a good job of protecting its people from terrorism, vandalism, theft, violent and organized crime etc and a private individuals and corporations start to take their own responsibility for security. This trend will continue, and will encourage the security industry to offer more security services to replace or supplement the security that society can no longer provide.

  1. Services instead of products

The security industry will accelerate the development of service-based offerings, offering packaged services-products solutions and total solutions rather than simply selling hardware. Security companies will need to be flexible and agile in a time of great and rapid changes in the world and the industry. These changes increase the demand for new products and services. Security providers who lack the ability rapidly change its business and offerings will face a difficult time. Even customers need to manage their risks and track their incidents more often, and be much quicker to revise and adapt to their needs.

  1. Breaktrough for DNA protection

The next big thing in property and intruder protection is advanced forensic marking with DNA. The DNA can be applied as a gel or grease to property and goods for definite identification. or sprayed on robbers and burglars during attacks to securely identify them afterwards. This is a modern, inexpensive, easy and efficient security solution, very preventive – the bad guys do not like DNA. In the UK, often a leader in modern security solutions, DNA markers has been used extensively with very positive results – more than 80 percent reduction in crime, a study shows. I predict that shops, banks, warehouses, etc., but also individuals in many countries will embrace DNA in 2017. It will be a game changer much like CCTV has become.

Monica Hallin is CEO of Vindico Group, a listed Swedish specialist in security products, systems and technologies. Ms Hallin has 30 years of experience from management positions in the security and retail industries. 

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