No Such Thing as Plastic Rice, say Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority

For some months now, consumer feedback on imported rice on the Ghanaian market have been very poor. Both traders and consumers have not been satisfied with the quality of rice imports in the country. Consumers claim some of the imported rice are made out of plastics – which pose a threat to consumer health. Due to this disturbance among consumers, Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has come out to publicly assure consumers that there are no such rice products on the market that are made out of plastics as assumed by some consumers.

As a procedure to ensure public health and safety, the FDA has open its doors to consumers and traders to report and bring samples of any rice brands or products that they suspect have been made out of plastics. The FDA is keen about getting information on individuals and enterprises connected with the sale of the supposed “plastic rice.”

A statement by the FDA stated that there has been an initial scout on the market to identify such rice product but nothing was found. A statement from FDA stated that the concerns of the public has come to their notice via social media platforms that there is an ongoing sale and distribution of some inferior rice brand – assumed to be made out of plastics. “The FDA, as part of its mandate, has in the past two (2) months embarked on post market surveillance activities to investigate the said allegation. The FDA did not find any of the said ‘plastic rice’ on the market,” the statement included. To help clear the atmosphere, the FDA has provided a short code (4015) which is applicable to local networks for Ghanaian residents to get in touch in an event where they come across such rice product.

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