Simien Mountains Exploration like you have never had before

Taking adventures trekking at Simien Mountains is one of a great life time experiences that will be treasured. Truly anyone can have the best time of their life here at the tallest mountain famously known as the roof of Africa. Simien Mountain is full of life, exciting adventure and up close view of wildlife’s creating immeasurable rewarding trekking. The enormous green scenery of the mountain which is said to rival the Colorado’s Grand Canyon are magnificent. From friendly baboons, ancient churches up in the mountains to sky rise green mountains, the massive mountain offers endless and unforgettable escapades that certainly fulfils your dream of perfect trekking Jumia Travel reveals.

The gigantic mountain lies at the crossing of ancient trade routes which came into existence between the 18th and 19th century. This sophisticated mountain has created one of the world’s most stunning sharp mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices. It’s one of the rare locations in Africa and a must see place to those who love trekking coupled with so much adventure.

This UNESCO registered sight is immensely rich in a wide range of rare wildlife and vegetation. Several wildlife’s particular to the mountain including Leopard, klipspringer, bushbuck, Jackal and hyena and over 400 species birds inhibit the mountain park creating multiple adventure opportunities. The beautiful landscape also encompasses long waterfall which is not only picture-perfect but also breathtaking. The rewarding hiking journey up in the mountains takes all the way to 4,550 meters above sea level with so much to explore and experience in between.

Seriously if you are up to a vacation away from the common and extraordinary Simien Mountain is just the place for you. It’s not just the sky rise mountain, history or gelada baboons and Walia Ibex that will leave you speechless but also the excitement of enjoying luxuries time at Simien Lodge where you can have the ultimate refreshing and comfy time. The scenery from the Simien Lodge is impressive. You can watch the massive mountains and the gelada baboons who comes in group roaming around the Lodge playing and picking their food from nature. Although they may seem intimidating they do not harm humans do not be scared to get close to them for picture and to get a closer look.

Inside the Lodge you can get 360 degree view of the awe inspiring mountain and parks. With the view to Simien Mountain from every room visitors can submerge in the fascinating scene and luxury. The Lodge has become a destination in its own right. Its environmental friendly construction and solar power electric generation to protect the environment created a refreshing and natural adventures spirit of the mountain and the park. It’s the perfect place from which to explore the nearby magnificent sights enjoying the stunning landscape covered with evergreen vegetation’s and tress. It’s fully equipped to keep you excited with yummy cuisines and drinks to energize you for your one of its kind hiking trails.

The glamorous place inhabited by hospitable and charming farmer villagers. The farmers are very traditional people from the way they dress to their unique life style it’s an attraction by itself.  They live far away from the rest of the world staying true to their 2000 years tradition.

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