Cross-border collaboration in West Africa to be fostered at the Regional Energy Co-operation Summit

Regional Energy Co-operation Summit to discuss opportunities for cross-border power projects and investments across the West African region – Côte d’Ivoire, 26-27 January 2017. Under the theme unleashing international capital to drive forward West Africa’s regional integration. The event will host keynote addresses from Hon. Patrick Sendolo, Minister of Mines, Lands and Energy of the Republic of Liberia and H.E. Prof. Alpha Oumar Dissa, Minister of Energy, Mines and Quarries, Burkina Faso; while attracting high profile speakers with diverse background across the West African region.

There will be conference sessions focusing on regional co-operation and power delivery, the importance of gas in accelerating the pace of regional development, the role of the private sector and innovative methods for project financing. Speakers will include Siengui Ki, Executive Director of West Africa Power Pool, who will showcase successful case studies and present live projects seeking investment.

Recent South African and Moroccan examples illustrate the benefits of well managed Independent Power Projects (IPPs), demonstrating effective and transparent leadership aligned with both multilaterals and private sector. Cross-border co-operation in West Africa is crucial to develop mechanisms that facilitate trade and power exchange among States. Organizers of the meeting EnergyNet ( will work with ECOWAS regional institutions, such as WAPP, ERERA and ECREEE, and the national governments of West Africa to uncover cost efficient solutions to increase energy access, industrial capacity and profitability for all.

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