Mariam Tsion the Ethiopian Colorful Pilgrimage

Let your great adventures roll at Ethiopia’s religious celebrations.

Immerse yourself deep into Ethiopia’s tradition and culture. Seriously, what is there not to love about Ethiopia? Truly the country is an abundance of natural and ancient extravaganza an endless maze of celebrations, wildlife parks and ancient rock hewn churches. Be sure not to miss Jumia Travel’s recommendation for annual church celebrations in Mariam Tsion.

If you like public celebrations you would enjoy Mariam Tsion also known as Mariam Zion. The celebration starts on 29th of November with prayer and public worship. Local people gather around in mass from all of over Ethiopia to celebrate Mariam Tsion. This massive annual holiday has been the lure for locals and travelers for its unique way of celebrations and glories worship in geez accompanied with vivid scenes at its surroundings. Its architecture, sights and worship make Aksum Mariam Tsion to remain on the best choice of adventures and pilgrimages.

The religious festival is to commemorate the ark of covenant which historically believed to be brought to Ethiopia by Menelik I, the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Menelik the first went to visit his father in Jerusalem and came back to Ethiopia carrying the Ark of the Covenant, containing the tablets God had given to Moses. The Ark is kept in Aksum with maximum security preventing anyone inside to view the Ark. The Ark is under protection of a holy man who never leaves the temple. Church reports say the Ark will be transferred into the hands of another holy man protection picked by the current protector upon his death.

The celebration is the joyous outburst of religious activities that engulfs anyone with cheer while providing an adventure photogenic entertainment for visitors. People fled to Mariam Tsion to pay their respect to Mary of Zion.

Many also come to experience the healing that is believed to have come from washing on the holy water. Women believers attend the ceremony cladded in sparkling white long scarf known as netela while men attend cladding with white thick cotton long wrap called gabi. Women are only allowed in the compound while men are allowed inside the temple. The ancient church consist one temple which was built in 1635. It was rebuilt during Emperor Fasiladas administration.

Its always exciting to come to Aksum and be dazed with the endless adventures and sights to see, among such places the former capital city; Yeha has inherited a rich legacy from antiquity portraying some of the best-preserved ancient ruins. Similar to Yeha, Aksum is one of the places where 90% of the field has not been fully excavated to take out treasures.
At this sacred place, visitors get a rare access of walking on undiscovered wealth beneath the ground.


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