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UK to Strengthen Investment in South Africa as it Prepares to Leave EU

Last week, Dr Rob Davies – Minister of Trade and Industry, met with Dr Liam Fox – International Trade Secretary, in London for bilateral talks on trade and economic relations. This furthers an existing high-level engagement between the United Kingdom and South Africa.  In 2015, bilateral trade in goods and services between the UK and South Africa stood at £7.6 billion with UK exports of goods and services increasing by 25% over the past 10 years while South Africa’s export has increased over 5% on an annual basis over the past 10 years – making South Africa the third biggest trading partner for the UK in the Commonwealth. read more

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Travel trends to follow in 2017

With the New Year blooming with so many new dreams and ambitions taking adventurous time is a must to explore and to have a new perspective in life. Although often times we overlook the necessity of travel in life; experts in psychologists and at Jumia Travel say that it must be our vital part of our life to lead a productive and renewed life style. read more

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Digital Disruptors to Watch in 2017

In the lurid space where financial and digital innovation intersect, disruptors are booming. They’ll continue to cause upheaval in 2017 and make their mark in a landscape that’s becoming progressively challenging to navigate. Here’s my prediction of the movers and makers to watch in 2017: read more

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