Morocco Accepted Back to the AU: Good or Bad?

Thirty-nine out of fifty-four states of the AU agrees to accept the Kingdom of Morocco back into the AU after the country opted out 33 years ago. Having being named as one of the brightest 50 economies in the world by Bloomberg, it is of no doubt that Morocco is having a very good economic prospect in Africa and also visionary in diverse sectors needed for economic growth by many other African nations. Morocco is the second largest African investor in the continent, and between 2003 and 2013, 51% of its foreign direct investment went to Sub-Saharan Africa, peaking at 88% in 2010.

The Kingdom of Morocco having being accepted yesterday as the 55th member country at the 28th AU Summit, the country is optimistic in keeping up its commitment to Africa by showing its presence and involvement in all matters and pledges to contribute to the activities and vision of the AU.

Prior to the being accepted to the AU, King Mohammed VI had made travels to some Sub-Saharan countries including Ghana, to demonstrate and provide support in the development of other African countries. Last year, we reported a study conducted by BearingPoint and Asmex which indicated that Moroccan and French companies have attained a good position and growth level in some Sub-Saharan countries. The study which is titled “Developing in Africa: comparisons of Moroccan and French companies” and the third edition of BearingPoint’s International Development Barometer of international firms, depicted the good performance of about 250 Moroccan and French companies in five major countries– including Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

As the Kingdom of Morocco joins the AU, we hope that the country strengthens its alliance to Sub-Saharan Africa foster trade and business.

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