Destinations that inspired East African adventure

From the fairy tale brown sand beaches of Ethiopia to the green sky Rise Mountains and national parks where wild animals roam around freely, Ethiopia is the perfect adventure which combined family holiday and romance. Taking you into the heart of East African adventure, Ethiopia is the optimal delightful spot. Jumia Travel toured inside the hospitable heart of Ethiopia presenting you the delighting charms of the destinations.

East African adventureRelish on the appeals of the blue lakes at the sunrise and set at Lake Tana and Langano, and hike up in the most refreshing mountains which are full of life showing you centuries back life style away from the regular world. The country is full of stunning adventure opportunities including water adventure, fishing, and cruising as well as see wildlife up-close view. Whatever you wish to do in Ethiopia, you will have ample opportunity to explore and create great everlasting joyful memories that will stay for life time. Ethiopia holds the real East African adventure.

The journey to this iconic Ethiopian destination always exerts one of its kind experience changing your travel story into a life changing skill. Ethiopians call their country a proud nation which has stayed true to its culture. If you love super active social life this is the place to be. The people are respectful and they love meet and greet making anyone to feel at home. The ancient still standing incredible architectures are the massive precious wealth of the country. Being home to ten UNESCO registered natural heritages, it encompasses ancient luxury palaces and unique artistic heritages in Lalibela, Aksum which are strongly standing in this modern day. These places portray a series of transcontinental cultural exchanges and developments traced back as far as the late millennium B.C.

East African adventure


One of the great architectural creation is Aksum, the globally famed gigantic monuments made from a single piece of granite of smooth gray stone. It stands as high as 82 feet. The obelisks resemble buildings with intricately carved cross-shaped windows, and rows of long ends dividing each story. It has a door although it does not lead into inside the monuments. There is one 108 feet long obelisk which lies shattered across the ground allowing a close up view of the magnificent skillful creation. If it were still standing it would have been the tallest obelisk in the world.

Similarly the mountainous northern part of the Amhara regional state has the world’s magnificent rock hewn church known as Lalibela. Around 100,000 visitors annually travel to the temple. Lalibela is the most complex and inspiring architectural creation of the country. The church has eleven monolithic temples including the cross shaped one which are carved from a giant rock. The construction which was erected about 800 years ago is so stunning that it was built without any cement or bricks.

The country has a bliss of adventure from immensely gratifying trekking destinations including that of Semien Mountain which rival the Colorado’s Grand Canyon to Danakil, one of the world’s active fire lake and wildlife sanctuaries, it’s one of a kind breathtaking destination which is not short of anything. Exploration to the national parks takes you deep inside the wildlife in its natural habitat. Ethiopian wolf and Walia ibex, Swayne‟s Hartebeest, lions, Bush Crow and White-tailed Swallow, Ostrich, Gelada baboon, countless species of birds. Zebra, Gazelle and Guenther’s Dik-Dik are quite common. It’s a great and refreshing place to spot and enjoy an exciting wildlife adventure.

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