Travel Blog: Welcome to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a place for a great collection of great spots for true adventurers. It’s a destination where a dream of exceptional wonder of nature into reality. Still largely intact as a bucket list for many it surrounds incredible escapade and exploration opportunities – welcome to Ethiopia.

The country depicted as Africa’s breath-taking destination, is truly an incredible sight to behold. No word is enough to describe how stunning and picturesque the destination is. It’s an absolute epic place to never miss out.

welcome to ethiopia

The country is among one of the most beautiful in the world, with crystal clear lakes and stunning waterfalls scenery, lush green fields and forests. Its massive natural extravaganza includes exceptional life changing and inspiring experience. Not only does the incredible ancient destinations leave any visitor fulfilled but also atop tallest mountains, architectural feats and lakes deliver an awe inspiring views of the greener surroundings that enclose the massive mountains and lakes. The glorious destinations feature state of the art human made and natural collections have variety of sights and stories that you should not miss. The healing power of the hot springs not only heal any muscle aches but also refreshes body and soul.

This tropical land is a fantastic place which mixes adventure with luxury bringing a deeply moving and everlasting memories. It has on the budget comfy options around the country. Here you are not only going to sightsee but also will have an opportunity to relax and luxuriate in one of hotel room suites which are surrounded by lavish facilities and services. The fabulous rooms and lavish suites are few of the delightful facilities. There is also a refreshing terrace food and drink bars which serve local and international fresh mouthwatering dishes. Evenings are the best and refreshing with moon light and fresh breath. Dinners are accompanied with barbeque, fruit and salad bars and of course laughter and chanting. The hotels are full of charm and offer the best view of the towns. Do not miss out on the crystal blue hot swimming pools that fit several guests.

welcome to ethiopia

Truly, you do not need to hassle on the globe for the grand one of its kind adventure. The country offers stunning opportunities from hiking, mountain biking to touching ancient incredible creations. There is an endless joy that comes with exploring Ethiopia and we have the firsthand experience as Jumia Travel to recommend Ethiopia for adventure buffs who also like to mix adventure with exploring rare places on earth. The great part is whether you are a blue or white collar you will have a luxury and the comfy time appreciating this scenic tropical land floating into delight without breaking the bank.

Explorers can find full range of all-inclusive adventure in this proud African country. The refreshing and extreme nature trails, breathtaking wilderness, over the top hospitality and colourful destinations makes Ethiopia particularly impressive. A time in Ethiopia is not only an amusement time but also a real authentic experience that will remain with you even long after your travel.

This remarkably assessable unique and one of the oldest countries in the world offers a trip of a lifetime that takes deep into ancient creations. Set-aside time to visit this nation which stayed true to its tradition and identity inherited thousands of years ago.

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