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Credit repair: How to keep a good score

Credit repair is important to clean your credit records legally, and let is look good for a better credit score.  The legal aspect of the procedure permits a credit repair agency to clean unnecessary information but not accurate, timely and verifiable information. If the information cannot be verified, then there is no point having it in your records.  According to research, about 5% of consumers usually have errors on the credit reports which affects their probability of acquiring or securing credits, and loans. Poor credit scores and credit reports also have a high tendency of not being able to secure a loan with a low interest. read more

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uShaka Marine Park: Of Dashing Dolphins, Dieting Sharks, and Phantom Ship

uShaka Marine Park

The winds blow to the north, as if pushing the docking ships out of the harbor. A few meters above the ship roars a helicopter carrying the captains expected to dock the ship into Durban Harbor. Quite interesting, is the fact that foreign pilots are not allowed to dock in the vessels; you see the horizon of the approaching port, nurse down your sea sickness, curl back and vacate the cabin for the tough guys of Durban Port to guide the ship in. The morning is bright, the shiny sand seem to be calling, with such an allure you have to muster inner strengths to say no, and turn left through the gate to the mighty uShaka Marine Park. This park is Life, at least where the marine ecosystem is concerned. read more

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EBAFOSA calls for all inclusive climate action towards food security in Ghana

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Clean Energy West Africa Summit Confirms Workshop for Ecowas-Based Clean Energy Start-Ups

In partnership with the Climate Innovation Center, Ghana, the Clean Energy West Africa Summit will host the first incubator workshop in April which will look at how entrepreneurs can build, develop and sustain clean energy businesses. read more

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Jumia Travel Hospitality Report reveals the most popular destinations in Ethiopia.

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