Former UNSG, Kofi Annan endorse Ghana’s effort to strengthen Agribusiness

Former UNSG, Kofi Annan has observed the new agricultural commitment of Ghana and has applied the new government on their quest to boost agriculture and through that, a means to create jobs and reduce unemployment among the youth.

Kofi Annan mentioned the usual norm of people perceiving agriculture as only the farmer and their produce, and highlighted that between the farmer and the produce and getting the produce to the supermarket is a space where we can utilize to create jobs for many people. He furthered to mention about the impact of the Rural Enterprise Programme (REP) in Ghana and how it has impacted local people within the Central Region of Ghana. Witnessing the impact of the IFAD sponsored REP programme, Kofi Annan expressed excitement about government commitment to focus on agriculture as a basis for broadening developmental effort. REP had created 34,402 new jobs, established 27,702 and impacted about 140,000 others, according to the country director of the Rural Enterprise Programme (REP) in Ghana.

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