Ghana to Adopt Sustainable Small Scale Mining

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has revealed that his government is putting in place measures to ensure that small-scale mining is conducted in a sustainable manner.

Unregulated small scale gold mining activities in some parts of Ghana – popularly known in Ghana as GALAMSEY, has become a major threat to the ecological health of water ecosystems and forests. The new government has therefore announced it plans to make such mining activities sustainable with the vision of protecting environment and natural resources.

According to him, “the sustainable small-scale mining regime we envisage will protect our environment and protect the workers as well.”

During yesterday’s Workers Day celebration, he mentioned in his state address that “since the Almighty blessed us with precious minerals, there will be mining in our country.” He furthered to say that, “this present generation does not own the earth, we hold the lands in trust for generations yet unborn and we cannot destroy it. I have not yet met anyone who is engaged in galamsey who is satisfied with the degradation of our lands and our environment that currently comes with galamsey. We are not fighting to put people out of work by seeking to end galamsey.”

The President noted that all indications point to the fact that galamseyers, do not make much money, as they are routinely cheated from getting a fair price for the gold they find, and, as such, government is “encouraging the establishment of gold refineries, which will pay fair prices to the miners.” He also expressed gratitude to the various media platforms in Ghana for their support and effort exhibited in the fight against this unearthly act.

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