Is GE’s 400MW Bridge Power Plant a solution to Ghana’s Energy Demand?

Upon completion, GE’S Bridge Power Plant will be Africa’s first LPG fired power plant and the world’s largest plant of its kind. 400 megawatt (MW) greenfield project will be Africa’s first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fired power plant and world’s largest plant of its kind. The project will produce enough to supply about 17%of Ghana’s energy demand while providing solutions to some of the country’s long-term energy requirements. The system will operate on a fuel-flexible plant which is capable of running on LPG, natural gas and diesel. The first phase will generate 200 MW of power and an additional 200 MW of power will be deployed in stage two of the project.

The equipment scope includes GE’s TM2500 gas turbine generator sets and GE’s steam turbines in a combined cycle (CC) configuration. This will be the first time the TM2500 gas turbines will be used in a combined cycle configuration globally and marks a milestone for the technology, which was also selected this week for Angola’s ambitious electrification program led by PRODEL.

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