Webinar analyzes Chile’s plans to lower Concentrated Solar Power costs to US$ 50 per MWh

Chile has the best solar resources on Earth, making it an ideal spot for Concentrated Solar Power. Yet, the country remains highly dependent on fossil fuels, 90% of which must be imported. This situation leaves Chile dangerously exposed to oil and gas price fluctuations, and subject to the whims of energy rich neighbors, which are not always reliable.

Fortunately, its solar-resource wealth gives Chile a unique opportunity to address these issues by developing its Concentrated Solar Power industry.

This is why Chile is spearheading a new applied R&D effort with the objective of lowering CSP costs to US$ 50 per MWh by 2025; making CSP a major contributor to a low cost and secure national energy mix.

CORFO has teamed up with ATA Insights to bring you an in-depth webinar on May 30th, analyzing the opportunities and challenges of Chile’s CSP initiative, including:

  • Analyzing Chile’s competitive advantages to position itself as the leader in the global CSP race
  • Understanding how CSP development will positively impact the growth of Chile’s industrial fabric
  • Getting the experts’ view on the key technological and financial innovations required to reach the US$ 50 MWh target.
  • Hearing about innovations such as new solar field designs, hybrid approaches, and new molten salts with lithium for more affordable thermal storage.

Expert speakers include Rodrigo Mancilla (CORFO), Craig Turchi (NREL), Andru Prescod (SunShot CSP), and Ángel Fernández (SERC Chile).

The webinar is free to attend, but capacity is limited. Join us here: http://bit.ly/2rytqsc

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