Will Influencer Marketing take over Celebrity Endorsements?

Influencer Marketing

The world is gradually experiencing a shift from celebrity endorsements towards Influencer Marketing. The concept – Influencer Marketing is taking roots globally as the use of social media increases across the globe. Instagram seems to be a standout and the most used platform for many influencers, this reflects in the development of the app to have shopping options. Why Influencer Marketing and what’s the future? As social media grows and acquire more users, the future of Influencer Marketing remains bright while promising a good return on investment. Influencer Marketing is relatively cheaper than endorsement deals and offers a good diversity of options for all kind of businesses. Just like content marketing, influencers provide and interact with their audience on credible information, products, services which build their brand as a person and also promotes the activity their communicating.

According to Forbes reports, 84% of marketers are thinking of having at least one influencer marketing campaign in 2017. The report also indicates that 47%  of online consumers uses ad block which means the primary way of viewing brand adverts is via influencers. Social media has made it very easy for consumers to compare brands, view ratings, and interact with users prior to purchasing an item. This has brought about a growing interest in influencer marketing. Another report – ‘The New Face of Luxury’ by Fashion and Beauty Monitor also indicates that 74 percent of luxury brands admit that influencers play a very important role in launching new products.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Luxury brands are using high profile celebrities to communicate their brands that cannot be said for other sectors and the many other upcoming brands and businesses. There is no need to start big.  You don’t need to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. If the great celebrities are unapproachable/ expensive/ already taken, no need to worry. The truth is, they have so many followers to the point where they are unable to interact. If you want results, resort to a mid-tier influencer or micro influencers. Micro influencers are still building their image – they are still working – they want to interact, communicate, and get involved with their audience. That is the best shot to get your product out on a very interactive level.

According to the ‘The New Face of Luxury’ report, 40 percent of luxury brands admits that mid-tier influencers hold the most appeal. This is because mid-tier influencers are dedicated to building active and engaged communities of followers who value their voice and trust their judgments on brands and products.

Influencer Marketing provides influencers an opportunity to engage with their audience on quality brands while building a good customer base for the brand. The future of Influencer Marketing is bright and brand marketers need to take advantage of the growing sector.

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