A New Dawn of Art and Clothing

Art represents a fascinating aspect of modern lifestyle. Painting and sculpture have evolved beyond just abstract, semi – abstract, and reality art towards 3D paintings and artwork. Beyond that, are the colorful artwork being translated into clothing by Bennu7777.  His work is gradually merging art and painting into the fashion industry.

The beautiful work done by the artist, Bennu, delivers a whole new style and beauty in clothes. The Bennu7777 collection features the colorful abstract design of beautiful forests and lovely skies.

The ladies model scarfs come in a forest green and sky blue colors which are suitable for multiple purposes – events. The collection presents itself in many other natural sceneries – ocean blues, diverse landscapes, forest vegetation, sunset, and sunrise scenes.

In the light of this new style, Bennu7777 offers his amazing new collections at moderate prices despite the beauty and class it offers.


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