US Offers 6 million worth Scholarship to 140 Nigerians.

The government of the United States of America has given out scholarships which is worth 6 million USD to 140 Nigerian students across universities and colleges in Nigeria. At an orientation held for the 140 scholarship recipients, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Nigeria mentioned that their move to provide this support to excellent students is geared towards alleviating financial barrier faced by most brilliant or talented students which prevent them from pursuing higher education, and also for most Nigerian students studying in the US. Mr. Aruna Amirthanayagam, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy, also said that their advising centres in Abuja and Lagos assist high achieving, low income students to apply to US colleges and universities that will offer admission with full scholarships.

Moving forward, the envoy also highlighted the need for Nigerians schooling in the US to take their education very serious. Gaining higher education in the United States offers an opportunity to acquire new skills and thought process as students in the diaspora get exposure to new cultures, technologies, and many more.

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