ICGS to build an energy hub for gas cooperation in South Africa this October

International Gas Cooperation Summit

From October 9th to 11th this year, South Africa will gather gas developers, investors, and technology providers within the natural gas sector to brainstorm the greater role of natural gas in building an energy robust economy to support national development in the country.

The conference which is set to be held in Durban, and termed as International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS), emanates from the 2015 and 2016 Gas Options’ meetings in South Africa. The vision is to engineer an energy hub for gas cooperation which fosters partnerships – both local and foreign. The conference will focus on thematic areas such as the global gas outlook for Southern Africa, case studies on modeling a gas economy, South Africa’s gas market in the context of the SADC region, how to accelerate gas infrastructure and the cost of diving into downstream. It will also feature an exhibition of plans and projects which seek to attract strong decision makers who can facilitate the establishment of the goals of ICGS.

Anna Gorzkowska of EnergyNet commented on this development – “When we launched IGCS at the South Africa: Gas Options meeting last year in Cape Town, we knew that the landscape was changing and the discussion going forward would be broader to incorporate the DTI’s gas utilization program. We’re therefore delighted to have got the timing of this meeting right – there is so much interest not only in the gas for power program but the massive infrastructure and energy projects happening as a result of those anchor discussions. The conversation in October is also not squarely about South Africa, but its relationship with international partners and Southern Africa’s ability to develop gas based projects to electrify and empower the region.”

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