GRA picks up on Glo Telecom on Tax Debts

Glo Ghana, the telecommunication giant in Nigeria and operating in Ghana and Benin, has been picked on by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to be owing tax from 2016 which is amounting to over 11 million Ghana Cedis. Glo has been playing a functioning role in internet usage for many Ghanaians and the telecom company has responded to this announcement with all urgency. It is an inconvenience to the company and they are aiming to pay off the debt to GRA by end of this week.

Speaking on the issue, Henry Bradford Sam of the Ghana Revenue Authority, mentioned that they will be picking on other companies who are owing in tax. “The time we have given them is between six months and one year. We just don’t get up and execute a distress order, we go through a process, we issue a demand notice, if the taxpayer fails to pay the demand notice, we issue final demand notice, sometimes personal visits, all in an attempt to elicit voluntary compliance, but when these attempts fail then we crack the whip,” he said.

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