Investment Opportunities in Ghana

Investment Opportunities in Ghana

To invest means to allocate money or a resource for a particular activity with the expectation of some benefit in the future. In other words, using money or resource to make more money or gain more resources. An opportunity on the other hand refers to the right time to take an action or pursue a course in view of getting the most maximum outcome. An investment opportunity is therefore the right time to allocate money or a resource so as to benefit from it in the future. Before one invests in a product or service, one must first know what and where to invest in. In other words, to be able to get returns in the future, one must invest in sectors that are thriving. In Ghana, these are “hot cake” areas that will be yielding the best returns for current investors:


The food and agricultural industry plays a major role in Ghana’s economy. From 1990 to 1999, the agricultural industry has contributed an average of 41.3% to the GDP of Ghana and 12.2% of national tax revenue. The following are some of the investment opportunities one can venture into under agro – processing: staple crop and vegetable plantation; processing of food produce – especially tomatoes, and fruits such as orange, pineapple, and mango; manufacturing and supply of beverages; and food packaging. These areas are already exhibit a demand need by the people and thus, once a good investment is made at a very strategic geographical location within the country, it will yield great results. More to it, the current government keeps making promises and has exhibited a strong political will to make the agricultural sector the giant behind the Ghanaian economy.


Transport services offer exciting opportunities in the following areas, road (bus) system, railway for domestic and sub-regional operations and water transport. In Ghana, road transport is common and almost everyone travels by road. It was not until recently that domestic flights users have grown in number. That has not changed anything at all, most Ghanaians still travel by road due to the cost difference. Investing in the transport sector is a big deal. The recent development of the VIP Transport system in Ghana has yielded high demand which is quiet overwhelming. There could not have been such a forecast prior to the commencement of the VIP Bus Transport. This has also sent a signal that, Ghana, the most expensive country in Africa, is in demand for quality and comfort, when it comes to long journey travelling. The recent commencement of Uber in the country’s capital, has also witnessed a boom in service demand. With no doubt, an investment in this sector will guarantee huge returns. Key things to note in this sector are Comfort, Reliability, and Safety. Other areas one can also invest under the transport services is the establishment of a formal automobile repair company.


Tourism is one sector that is fast growing and a very good sector for investment. The increase in tourists has created an increase in the demand for hotels, resorts and recreational centers. Most importantly for investment, is the development of amusement parks, game centres, and resorts that will offer a variety of activities for tourists and residents who seek to take holidays. The existing resorts and known tourist centres have the potential to increase recreational activities which will increase the number of visitors and hence, an increase in income generation.


In recent times, the demand for property ownership and development (land and housing) has increased. Also, most individuals now have interest in owning businesses so that they do not rely on only monthly salaries and this have created an increase in demand for commercial properties and housing. Some opportunities that currently exist in this sector include; construction of residential houses, industrial houses, commercial houses and stores for rent or for sale. Although land acquisition in Ghana has been described as hectic, the situation has improved since the establishment of real estate companies who take the trouble to do all the paper works and procedures (both formal and informal) that is required to own a land safely. The housing situation – especially in the cities are very worrying and demand a solution the soonest. Rural-Urban migration coupled with the congestion of industries in the cities is increasing the population of Accra – Ghana’s capital. Developing estates for rent is already on the rise in Accra, and it will still be in demand for a long while.

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