How to Create Presentation for your Business Project

Movavi Slideshow Maker for Win is a good investment for small businesses who need an easy to use software that offers a comprehensive range of tools for creating professional slideshows. For businesses that use Windows based computers, Movavi Slideshow Maker for Win is the best option because it supports all Windows versions. The following are 4 steps on how to create a business slideshow presentation with Movavi Slideshow Maker for Win.

  1. Upload Your Images

Loading the images into the software is the first step to creating a slideshow. Before doing this, you must make sure that you have already prepared the images and other visual elements like chart or graph that you want to include in the slideshow on your computer hard disk. To load the images into the software, you must open the import tab and click on the Add Media Files to open the file finder dialog box. In the file finder dialog box, you are to select the images and click on the open button to load them.

  1. Organize Your Photos in the Timeline Panel

Movavi slideshow maker features a timeline track that can support various types of media files including titles, overlay, video, linked audio and independent audio tracks. It is easy to work on your slideshow on the timeline because of the simple interface. The time ruler above shows when the clips will play in the video. The drag and drop interface allows you to conveniently organize your photo in the right sequence on the timeline track. You can move one or more clips to a specific position in the timeline at one time. To zoom in/out of the timeline, you can use the scale feature located at the bottom of the software.

  1. Adding Animated Titles to Your Slide

Movavi Slideshow Maker for Win includes a title style tool for adding text. The T button is where you will find a collection of title styles that can be added to your slide. You just drag the title style onto the slide and a text block will appear above it. To edit the text block, you must double click it and enter the desired text in the text block in the preview pane. As a rule of thumb, there should be no more than 49 words per slide and 7 words per line. After typing the text, make sure to proofread for spelling or punctuation error in the text.

You can edit the text by clicking on the font properties button. The font properties allow you to edit the type of font that is being used and change the size of the font. It is best to avoid using fancy fonts and choose simple fonts like Arial and Times New Romans instead. Besides, you should set the font size to a large size like 24-30 pt so that the audience who sits at the back will be able to read the words on the presentation without any problem. The color properties allow you to change the text color. If your slide has a light background, you should choose a dark text. The color scheme that you use must be consistent throughout the presentation.

  1. Using Transitions on Your Slides

Movavi Slideshow Maker allows you to add slide transitions into the slideshow. Slide transition is an animation that appears when you are opening the next slide. The purpose of a slide transition is to add some animation to your slideshow so that it becomes more interesting. People like to watch animation so including a transition style is one way to captivate your audience’s attention.

If you click on the transition button on the left, you will see a list of transitions that are available for you to apply onto your slide. The key is to not use too many slide transitions as it can distract away from your audience. You want your audience to listen to what you are saying and not just having fun watching the animated transition. As a reminder, the slide presentation should only serve as a visual aid and your audience should be getting your main message through your speech.

If you want to apply a single transition to all the clips, you must click the slideshow button on the toolbar. Next, in the use this transition style for all clips drop down menu, you are to choose the desired transition style and click on the OK button. You can also apply random transitions to your slideshow. To display random style transitions throughout the entire slideshow, you should choose the use random transitions option in the drop down menu.


In conclusion, Movavi Slideshow Maker for Win is ideal for a business person with a tight schedule and can spare only a little time to create a slideshow for the business project. If you need to create the slideshow fast, you can try the easy mode that is designed to help you create a slideshow in a few minutes. The low cost of the slideshow creation software makes it suitable for a starter business who don’t have a lot of capital to spend.

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