UK opposes illegal wildlife trade in Angola

UK funds £25,000 to support Angolan project to protect Cuando Cubango’s wildlife through education and sustainable agricultural practices

UK Ambassador John Dennis and the Angolan NGO MBAKITA’s Director Pascoal Baptistiny signed the project contract that will contribute to reducing the illegal trade in endangered species, fauna and flora in the Cuando Cubango province over the next 8 months.

This project will facilitate and promote environmental education as well as sustainable agricultural practices in the communities of Menongue, Calai, Cuangar and Dirico. The project expects to reach 500 people in urban and rural areas of Cuando Cubango and help preserve the province’s wildlife and natural resources.

The UK government is committed to tackling illegal wildlife trade, a global criminal industry worth more than £6 billion each year threatening both wildlife and people. Our focus is on improving enforcement, reducing demand for products and supporting sustainable livelihoods and economic development in the communities affected.

Source: British Embassy Luanda.

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