Cost-effective workforce housing supplied to support major oil refinery shutdown

Whilst South Africa is heavily dependent on petroleum products to keep the economy running, major refineries need to periodically suspend or circumvent crude oil production to conduct routine maintenance, renovations and repairs. Kwikspace Modular Buildings (Kwikspace) – a leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings – recently played a major role in the facilitation of a smooth turnaround process when SAPREF – Southern Africa’s largest crude oil refinery – implemented a three-month statutory shutdown in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

In order to facilitate a successful turnaround, the refinery needed to train and accommodate nearly 100 contract workers from various international locations. Many contract workers had to undergo an onboarding process that required world-class facilities for the testing and training of the mechanical disciplines during the turnaround.

Comments Bruce Gelling, Rentals Manager at Kwikspace: “With a capacity to process up to 190 000 barrels of crude oil per day amounting to 8.5 million tons per year, we knew that the effects of the turnaround could have a significant impact on the productivity of the refinery. This is why Kwikspace provided a quick and cost-effective solution that would enable SAPREF to complete the turnaround process without any delay.”

Kwikspace was contracted by Ark Lodge Camp to provide 16 two-bedroom sleeper units (to accommodate 64 contract workers) and a large canteen at Bluff Eco Park. Kwikspace’s flexible options allowed the client reduced capital expenditure, fulfilling the client’s short-term needs. As part of their value-added services, Kwikspace provided kitchen equipment, furniture and bedding.

Bruce Gelling adds: “These prefabricated buildings are specifically designed for rapid assembly and are manufactured in modules which allow for expansion. In addition to the accommodation units, we were able to deliver a large canteen assembled out of six 2.4 m x 6 m modular units within a short timeframe.”

Kwikspace’s units are manufactured using fully insulated polyurethane injected panels – technology which is continually being enhanced. It has been proven that this technology allows temperatures to be effectively controlled and noise to be significantly reduced, allowing its occupants to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable living environment.

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