RATP Dev confirmed in Casablanca to run the tramway network and continue expanding into a major multi-modal network

Image (left-right):
Laurence Batlle, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of RATP Dev
Catherine Guillouard, RATP group President and Chief Executive
M. Abdelaziz OMARI, President of the City Council of Casablanca
M. Abdelkébir ZAHOUD, Wali of Casablanca-Settat region and Governor of Casablanca prefecture
M. Noureddine BOUTAYEB, Delegate Minister to the Minister of Interior
M. Youssef DRAISS, General Manager Casablanca Transport en Site Aménagé SA

RATP Dev has again retained the trust of Casa Transports, the transport authority in Casablanca, to operate, maintain and develop the tramway network for the Casablanca conurbation. The renewed contract is for twelve years and begins on 13 December 2017.

RATP Dev subsidiary CASA TRAM implemented and has been operating Casablanca’s T1 tramway line since 2012. The line celebrated its 100 millionth passenger in 2016. Thanks to a new contract including commissioning, operation and maintenance for four new tramway lines and two BHLS lines, RATP Dev Casablanca (the new name for the local entity) will be the operator of the most ambitious urban transport project in Africa.

To meet the technical challenge of the new Casablanca network, RATP Dev Casablanca can count on the expertise and know-how of RATP Group, which currently operates over twenty tramway lines and has implemented nearly 250 km of tramway lines in France and internationally.

The new contract includes several initiatives to ensure even more optimised service:

  • RATP Dev to install the Data Innovation Centre in Casablanca: this hub for designing and experimenting with big data solutions puts the Casablanca metropole at the heart of the RATP Dev innovation approach
  • Implementation of a recruitment and training program led by RATP Dev in partnership with local authorities and the relevant Moroccan organisations to identify and support the skills development of qualified individuals.

RATP Group President and Chief Executive Catherine Guillouard stated “we are proud of the trust shown and renewed by Casa Transports in us to operate the Casablanca tramway network and develop the biggest multi-modal urban mobility project in Africa. This decision confirms our acknowledged leading position in sustainable urban mobility, a key factor for today’s cities”.

RATP Dev Executive Board President Laurence Batlle stated “this success demonstrates the quality of work achieved by RATP Dev teams which have successfully supported the mobilisation and growth of the Casablanca network for the last five years. RATP Dev is more than ever committed and ready to meet the needs of Casablanca’s passengers and is determined to assist Casa Transports and the Kingdom in achieving its ambition of developing world-class transport networks and contributing to the appeal and international prestige of the city.”

About RATP Dev

Founded in 2002, RATP Dev operates and maintains urban transportation systems in 15 countries on four continents (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, China, South Korea, the Philippines, and the United States of America). With more than 1.5 billion passengers travelling on its networks every year, RATP Dev demonstrates every day its extensive and renowned expertise in a wide range of mobility services, ranging from rail, regional express rail, tramway, to bus, cable car and sightseeing activities. RATP Dev leverages in France, outside of Paris, and across international markets the technical expertise and experience of RATP Group, the leader in driverless and tramway operations and operator of the Paris network, one of the largest public transportation networks in the world.

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