3 Reasons That Show That Bitcoin Is Not a Bubble

From being called a bubble to a fraud. Bitcoin is always the target of several influential institutions and personalities. It has gone through very hard times, and is still experimenting attacks, yet it keeps going strong.

This article will share with you 3 solid reasons that show that BTC is not a bubble. If you are on the verge of venturing yourself into the world of crypto-currencies but you don’t do it because of fear, then this piece of content might be exactly what you need right now.

#1 – It Is Fraud-Proof:

Unlike FIAT currency, committing any sort of fraud with BTC is virtually impossible, because all transactions are recorded in the blockchain. This is a very interesting and attractive feature that will keep driving the price of BTC to new highs.

This acts as a way to inspire even more trust in regards to this investment, and we all know that the more trustful something is the more likely people will be to invest into it.

It is also secure thanks to encryption and decentralization. Another trust factor that will motivate people to keep investing into it.

In addition to that BTC cannot be falsified, and there is a limited supply as we will see in the next point.

#2 – A Limited Supply:

If you think about it for a while you will find out that currency doesn’t have a limited supply. In fact, governments keep printing more and more money, and that’s what makes BTC completely different as it has a limited supply of 21 million BTC.

There won’t be more BTC once it all has been mined. As the time passes by and we get closer to the 21 million mark, mining will simply get harder something that will ramp up costs for miners.

This is another feature that should let you see that BTC is not a bubble. There are no banks or governments printing money on demand therefore creating inflation and devaluating currencies. BTC is a real change with its limited supply and its market capitalization that will keep growing, and as a result, increasing the value of every single bitcoin in the market.

#3 – Fully Decentralized:

Decentralization is one of the key features of BTC and pretty any decent crypto-currency. It is not owned by a certain bank or institution, and therefore it is protected against arbitrary manipulation of the price.

In many senses BTC is more like gold that FIAT currency. Its value may fluctuate too much for the like of many investors, but it is because the crypto-currencies market is still young and in development, and in addition to that, the higher fluctuations gives more room for better returns of investment, which is another interesting and attractive feature.

And finally, BTC has a use in the real word. The number of businesses and individuals accepting BTC as a form of payment is on the rise, because even a Dubai developer has started to sell apartments in Bitcoin. You can read more about Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and investments at Market Review.

By Tom Carter

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