Hungary To Supports Poultry Farming in Ghana

A shipment of chicken layers from Hungary arrived in Ghana via an anticipated long term partnership that has begun between Ghana and Hungary. Since the existence of the Hungarian embassy in Ghana following its operations last year, this is noted to be the largest and admirable transaction between the two nations. The first shipment was 22,000 day-old parent stock chickens to local poultry farmers. The Ambassador of Hungary to Ghana highlighted that there are a whopping expectation of supporting local agriculture with about 6 million chicken layers each year from notable Hungarian agricultural companies. The ambassador also identifies this development as one that will open new doors for greater partnerships and support for agricultural developments in Ghana.

This progress between the two nations also signals a good relationship between private and public sector as the move targets collaborations with the Hungarian National Agriculture Research and Innovation Centre, the Hungarian Bábolna Tetra Limited, and local entities including Ghanaian Poultry Association, and Akate Farms. The embassy has also exhibited a strong desire in sharing knowledge and aiding in providing solutions for local agricultural challenges.

Commenting on the issue, the Africa Sales Manager of Hungarian Bábolna Tetra Limited, Mr. Gábor Csorba said that their company is dedicated to continue their commendable track record of animal breeding. He furthered to say that Bábolna Tetra would like to further their activities in Africa and continue their long held tradition.

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