Harold Doley jr leads $1B Investment Consortium to Africa

A passionate African-American and a founding member of the US-Africa Chamber of Commerce, is leading a group of international investors to invest in Africa towards boosting the continents economic status. The investment will be targeted towards the technology sector to promote the agricultural sector, increase agro-value chain, strengthen education, and other developmental sectors. Technology is on the rise in Africa, and it is no surprise that such an inspiring move has been made in the sector. The group of international investors is currently looking at an investment of 1 billion USD in South African and larger African economies.

Harold Doley jr, having announced this during the Business Report Ignite in Cape Town, said that he strongly believes in the capacity of Africa to become economically stable and explore all of the continent’s potential. He placed emphasis on young people, saying, the youth in Africa prosper and succeed in doing exploits if they have access to quality education, training, expertise, and capital. The investors see the continent to be rich in human resource and arable land, thus, an opportunity to nurture the capacity of the people and strengthen business through investments.

This development also comes right after South Africa Revenue Service announced South Africa’s cumulative deficit for 2017. Doley jr in his announcement mentioned on behalf of his co-investors and said, “We want to come here and pay taxes; we want to make money so we can help you with your deficit”.

This opportunity is also expected to pave way for many other economic development investments in Africa.

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