Online Business Ideas to Try While Working Full Time

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Africa is undergoing a change, and that’s the drastic increase in the number if internet users. Congo, Democratic Republic alone has an internet growth percentage of 1,021,354.2%.

What this means is that low-income earners and individuals looking to improve their financial future in Africa can do so with the help of the internet.

Luckily, there’s a ton of entrepreneurship activities you can partake in online. All you need is a laptop or your personal computer and a good internet connection. Today, I will show you a list of lucrative business ideas you can try even if you have a full-time job.

Before You Start an Online Business

There’s no better time to venture into digital entrepreneurship than now. In the process of exploring different online business ideas, remember to choose one that meets a need in the market. It should also be something you’re interested in and good at because that’s how you’ll be able to earn continuous cash flow.

  1. Business coaching

Do you have the passion and knowledge to help business owners, regardless of their industry or niche, succeed online? If so, business coaching might be a great venture for you. There are several advantages, from giving entrepreneurs the confidence to offering advice on how to properly plan their finances.

Growing businesses also require bigger teams and this is where companies will approach you to provide solutions for hiring the right team members.

  1. Social media management

Sometime in the past, most people thought that social media was just a fad. Even business owners didn’t think that having a social media presence would benefit them in one way or another.

Fast forward to the present, social media has become a tool to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to websites, and provide customer service. Among the many opportunities you could possibly try, social media management is one where you can easily find clients to serve.

  1. App development

Building an app may sound too impossible, but if you’re someone with programming skills, this can become your one-way ticket to financial freedom. To give you some inspiration, just think of Gary Levitt of South Africa who created one of today’s popular email apps called Mad Mimi.

After all, developing an app today is simpler than it used to be. Thanks to the various tools available to help you build one, even with little to no coding. Develop your app on the weekends or your free time.

  1. Sell your photos

Don’t let your camera go unused. If you are generally inclined to photography, you can monetize that skill whether you’re at work or traveling on your break. Bloggers and site owners are in need of images to feature on their sites. This is where your contribution becomes important.

Online Business Ideas to Try While Working Full Time 02 – Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Places where you can sell your images and earn a profit include,, and You need to remember some tips when selling photos online. These include being consistent with your theme and joining social platforms to get noticed by more people.

  1. Online fitness trainer

Become the solution to people who find it difficult fitting exercise into their daily schedules. Or, you could also boost the self-esteem of those with weight problems and would rather skip the gym to workout at home all by themselves.

If you pursue a part-time business of being an online fitness trainer, remember to walk the talk. People will judge your body, so it’s important that you apply what you teach. But first, make sure that you enroll in a certification course.

  1. Write and sell ebooks

Creative individuals no longer have to solely rely on 9-5 jobs to grow a higher income. If you love the written word, you’d be able to share a compelling message with the rest of the world by self-publishing an ebook.

The key is to identify a subject you’re most passionate about and is profitable as well. Write in your free time. Feature your ebook on your website or have them displayed on Amazon Kindle. Another great option would be to create an affiliate program so people would help spread the word about your book. You pay them a percentage of your sales.

  1. Be the affiliate

Think it’s too time-consuming to build your own products to sell online? Then be the person to promote the products or services of other companies. Look for a platform that provides affiliate marketing opportunities like Amazon, Shareasale, or Clickbank.

Choose affiliate products that match your interests. That way, you’ll be able to promote them effectively through content and social media while people look up to you as an expert or authority.


The internet is overflowing with opportunities for people to earn extra through sideline businesses. Take a plunge and see what works best for you while you work full-time. There are still probably dozens of ideas out there that appeal to your schedule and interests but this list will get you started right now.

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