Safe, Fast And Transparent Way To Transfer Money Abroad With Transferwise

TransferWise is a unique service that allows sending money abroad using the real exchange rates at no extra hidden charges. This money transfer service is the smart way when sending money abroad fast and does not require a money order. It is 8-times cheaper to transfer money with TransferWise at no added markup to the exchange as is the case with banks and exchange rate companies.

TransferWise is a transparent and fair service, exchange rates as indicated by Google applies when sending money abroad.

To send money to Nigeria is now fast and safe. To send money to Nigeria, TransferWise complies with the International Money Transfer Rate as per the Central Bank of Nigeria. To send money to Nigeria, it is locally delivered in local currency from TransferWise’s local bank account. To send money to South Africa with TransferWise is as easy as online shopping.

To send money to South Africa requires no money order and incurs no sneaky charges. To send money to South Africa using this service offers multiple payment options which makes it convenient.

To send money to Morocco using TransferWise is streamlined and gives clients real and fair mid-market exchange rates. Clients who send money to Morocco use TransferWise’s local bank account with no need for a money order. To send money to Morocco only takes 2-3 business days.

To send money to Kenya using TransferWise offers clients multiple payment options making it trustworthy and convenient. Minimal processing fees to send money to Kenya makes this service the best option in a market with advanced money transfer services.To send money to Kenya is now easy and transparent.

TransferWise enables international borderless money transfer using Facebook messenger application to capitalize on the highly competitive digital payment service. TransferWise also sets up exchange rate alerts to its clients to keep them informed on the global money markets trends.


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