The Waste Management and Recycling Africa Summit 2017 @ Nairobi, Kenya
Oct 2 – Oct 3 all-day

Theme of the Summit: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Waste Management Through Science and Technology

The Waste Management and Recycling Africa Summit 2017 will be the first major event of this year in Nairobi focusing on the waste management and technology used to make this earth better place. We expect several hundred people from emerging markets to participate, including ministers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and other innovators. Additionally, the event will feature leading companies, officials and experts on waste treatment, environment and recycling from leading academic institutions, NGOs, and startups from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

Below are the main topics of discussion in the Summit:

Waste management policies and strategies
Industrial waste management
Role of public sector in waste management
Resource recovery and recycling
Landfilling: policies and strategies
Recycling strategies and efficiency
Special waste management
Waste management policies in developing countries
Industrial waste management
Waste collection in developing countries
Decision support models in waste collection
New approaches in waste management education
Emissions in waste collection
Plastic recycling
WEEE characterization and management
Waste management: case studies
Waste management guidelines and regulations
Construction & Demolition waste
Methodologies in LFG emission measurement
Waste characterization: analytical methods
Waste Re-Use
Mechanical properties of recycled products
Thermal Waste to Energy
Waste recycling: economic and financial aspects
Emissions from waste treatment and landfilling
Potential impacts of recycling
Waste characterization – Hospitals , Factory , Household

Waste Management and Recycling Africa Summit 2017
Oct 2 – Oct 3 all-day

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