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If you like this layout, but you browser does not display these styles, you can download these fonts(font changes the appearance of letters, numbers and punctuation marks):

and copy them into the folder "Fonts", which is:

  • C:\Windows\Fonts\*

    (Windows XP)

  • C:\Windows\Fonts\*

    (Windows Vista)

  • /Library/Fonts*       


  • C:\Windows\Fonts\*

    (Windows 2000)

  • you already know :)


  • C:\Windows\Fonts\*

    (Windows 2003)

  • C:\Windows\Fonts\*

    (Windows CE)

& reboot system...

(Windows 95), (Windows 98), (Windows NT), (Windows ME)

require special software - Adobe Type Manager (ATM), which you can download for free here Adobe Type Manager Light. Start the "ATM" select "Fonts" tab, then "Browse For Fonts" specify the font (s) and "Add".


* - the default is assumed that the operating system is installed on drive C:\

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