Morocco’s Maiden Online Education Platform to Exhibit at GITEX 2016

Education is a very important aspect of our current generation and no one can do away with that. In less developed counties and middle income countries, number of school enrollment keeps increasing with more schools doing their best to upgrade to modern technological innovations that facilitates easier learning processes.

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A Magical Crop–Call me: OIL PALM


They say I am “Red-crop “some: the “Green crop”, others: the “numerous rooted crop”. All been said, it is factual that I do produce “red oil”,have a lot more green leaves than other crops and I am amongst the strongest rooted crops in the World (resistant to storms and droughts) and remains the main source of “red fruits” from which most of the World’s vegetable oils are derived.  I am been used as a symbol of wealth by some cultures and tribes of the World. Now it is a pleasure to announce my presence hereas OIL PALM.

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Les pays MENA ont besoin de réformes structurelles pour stimuler les échanges, l’investissement, l’emploi et la confiance, selon l’OCDE

Les pays du Moyen-Orient et de l’Afrique du Nord devraient poursuivre le processus de réforme économique et structurelle afin de relancer des échanges et des investissements en perte de vitesse, regagner la confiance des citoyens et créer des emplois pour la jeune population de la région, a déclaré l’OCDE aux ministres des pays MENA.

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E-Commerce Sector Experiencing Steady Growth in South Africa

Electronic commerce has become the order of the 21st century lifestyle, as stated in one of my previous reports. The sector is boosting businesses and assisting many ‘busy scheduled’ individuals to purchase all their products and services without having to walk to shops and offices.

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Muse Bihi: Somaliland’s Business and Investment Friendly Presidential Candidate


According to the World Bank; Promoting a well-functioning, competitive private sectors is a major undertaking for any government, especially for one with limited resources and technical capabilities.

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Cautious optimism for investors in Sub-Saharan Africa hotel sector

Investor sentiment for hotels in Sub-Saharan Africa remains positive despite economic headwinds in key markets, according to the latest JLL research into the sector. The long-term outlook continues to be strong and is driven by positive economic, demographic and tourism trends, with all indicators pointing to continued hotel demand growth as the region’s economy and hotel sector continue to mature.

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Eagle Hills dévoile la première édition du « Quai des créateurs » au sein de La Marina Morocco


La Marina Morocco accueille un nouvel espace d’échanges, d’expression et d’expositions, au cœur de l’un de ses plus beaux quais, rebaptisé pour l’occasion Quai des Créateurs       du 08 octobre au 31 décembre 2016.

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Opportunities on Ethiopia Hospitality Market

Although Ethiopia has come a long way in terms of achieving economic development, its tourism sector has not reached its full potential especially when compared with other African countries which have taken drastic measures to develop the tourism sector.

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Innovations and development of ICT in Africa

Among other developmental aspects, Africa is advancing in the use and spread of information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). From using mobiles for marketing, sending out money, checking health information to using the small device for education and socializing; swamped the continent with a growing demand bigger than that of the United States and the European Union, says the World Bank Group.

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Examining International Sanctions: The Case of Eritrea

Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion

During one of his debates with Socrates, Thrasymachus alleges that “justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger.” For Eritreans (as well as many other regional observers), a clear reflection of this point are the ongoing sanctions imposed against the country. Not only do the sanctions lack basis and remain counterproductive, they reveal a long-existent and glaring double standard.

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Hilton to Open Hotel in Africa’s Tallest Development


Iconic $110 Million Hilton Nairobi Upper Hill Marks Hilton Hotels & Resorts’ 50th Property in Africa

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Software piracy takes a heavy toll on East African businesses

Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa are beginning to open their eyes to the risks of pirated software and the benefits of legally licensed software, yet the rates of software piracy in the region still remain high.

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Brief on the Education Sector across Africa

Otavio Veras

Otavio Veras, Research Associate of the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies

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Zambia Public Procurement Authority introduces e-procurement


The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) has embarked on training suppliers, bidders and contractors in electronic Government Procurement (e-GP).

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Zambia’s northern circuit to accommodate for investments

The northern tourism circuit is endowed with several waterfalls owing to the Muchinga Escapement. Picture credit: National Heritage Conservation Commission

The northern tourism circuit is endowed with several
waterfalls owing to the Muchinga Escapement. Picture credit: National
Heritage Conservation Commission

Zambia’s northern circuit will support several investments in the tourism and transport sectors once the runway at Kasama Airport has been completed.

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Reach for Change Africa shares Africa’s social enterprise stories with the world


Ghana’s own Amma Lartey, took to a global stage to share about the incredible strides made by African social entrepreneurs to solve the continents most pressing challenges.

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7 Common Data Migration Mistakes to Avoid


By Kerry-Lyn Hope, Business Development Manager, Magic Software South Africa

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