Sierra Leone calls time on petty corruption

Memuna Forna

Sierra Leone is launching a major citizen action campaign against petty corruption in its public sector.  The country’s new Pay No Bribe process hinges on an online reporting platform which makes it easier for people who are asked for a bribe by a public servant, to report it to the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

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Botswana telecommunications company struggles with investor confidence

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTCL) says it is planning to automate its systems and repositioning itself to cater to all customers’communications needs, the company disclosed this week.

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Benin to enjoy a 100 Megawatts of ADDGAS-generated Power from Aggreko

Aggreko PLC, a leading global provider of mobile power and corresponding product solutions have been successful in acquiring a year contract to produce power by generating energy via ADDGAS which is to replace a good aspect of diesel fuel with natural gas. The project which is set to generate a 100 megawatts of power is targeted in adding to the grid of Benin and also meeting substantial power demand of the country. The 100 megawatts is scheduled to commence by December 2016 while running through the entire 2017.

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The 2nd Annual Solar Projects Egypt successfully launched

Solar Projects Egypt

Under the patronage of the New and Renewable Energy Authority, Advanced Conferences & Meetings has successfully launched Solar Projects Egypt in its 2nd consecutive edition. Held at the Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers, Cairo, this event addresses the progress updates on the successful financing, designing and construction of solar plants under Egypt’s Solar round one FIT scheme.

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vida e caffè opens up on Africa expansion


For a local business to tackle the continent is not easy. Understanding new target markets, competitors, local culture, labour and skills development, the political environment, and currency are a number of the issues faced by the bold and courageous who take the leap. In last year’s Brand Africa 100 survey, it was found that African brands accounted for 23% of the most valuable brands on the continent, with South Africa’s MTN and DSTV topping the list in first and second place. That being said Nigeria held 6 of the top ten spots.

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IDRC to Manage Canada’s 22m USD Fund to AIMS on Climate Change Research

own talent – A bright African scientist returns to Africa_ AIMS ___

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), in the next decade is sure to increase its academic training for graduates in advanced mathematical sciences while expanding its focus on the greatest challenge of our generation – Climate Change. AIMS alumni have in the past shown commitment towards climate change research. The Minister of International Development and La Francophonie announced an official fund that Canada will give out to AIMS towards their Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) which will help strengthen mathematical scientists to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions.

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How Reliable Is Your Cloud?

Sven Hammar by Sven Hammar, CEO, Apica System

Businesses that depend on cloud services live or die by the stability and availability of those platforms. Reliable cloud services are an essential part of employee workflow and sales cycles for businesses across the globe—and any downtime is a waste of money on both idle workers and missed sales opportunities.

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Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurs Using Tech To Re-Shape Business Operations

Recent reports from most consultancy firms and business development firms regarding the future of technology in Africa is providing a bright prospect for the continent. Frost and Sullivan recently not long ago expressed through several indications that Africa could be the new China – staging most technological advances. Across Africa, youth are using mobile devices to solve existing real time challenges that are affecting their communities and countries – Like Farmerline in Ghana, and Lagare in Morocco. In Nigeria, the situation seems more intense and advancing.

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Africa Suffers De-Risk Amidst Other Worldwide Banks

Correspondent banking relationships play a vital role in the economic development and trade of African countries. A strong correspondent banking network can help local banks in Africa to close the knowledge, technology, product and risk management gaps.

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Zambia IMF loan

Zambia is contemplating acquiring a US $ 1.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cover budget deficits resulting from low tax revenue.

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Is Treasury Sabotaging the Economy of South Africa?

South Africa’s inter governmental wars have reached a new plateau with the announcement by Futuregrowth that its suspending “any additional loans” to some of the biggest SOes. In particular Futuregrowth has identified the following entities as its first targets;  Eskom, Transnet, Sanral, Landbank, IDC and DBSA. This move is akin to strangulation of the SOEs because Futuregrowth is regarded as a substantial funder of the South African SOEs.

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Organic Farming in Africa has Rich Potential, but is Increasingly Underfunded

Organic farming offers an excellent and lucrative export opportunity for Africa, but access to finance is harder to come by than five years ago, an UNCTAD survey has found.An example of the opportunity comes from an East African regional programme, which saw the region’s organic exports grow from $4.6 million in 2002/03 to $35 million in 2009/10, according to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ( . The programme led to a common regional organic standard and significantly increased crop yields in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and the United Republic of Tanzania.

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Togo’s Poultry Export To Honk Kong Has Been Banned

Export and import of poultry meat and eggs is very common in Africa and Asia. Togo has been exporting poultry meat and eggs to Hong Kong until there was a report of an influenza outbreak on poultries in Togo. Hong Kong, who use to import poultry meat and eggs from Togo has now banned the activity.

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FINALISTS FOR 2016 ANZISHA PRIZE – The Leading Youth Entrepreneurship Award in Africa

Earlier this year, ANZISHA opened the call for entrepreneurs beyond 22 who are driving change in Africa through innovation. The contest which is organized by African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation saw growing number of applications from over 500 entrepreneurs from 32 nations in Africa. After review, 12 young entrepreneurs under 22 years of age. The organizers were glad to also experience an increased presence in Northern African markets and francophone countries such as Madagascar and Niger.

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5th West African Clean Energy & Environment Exhibition & Conference

5th West African Clean Energy & Environment Exhibition & Conference – WACEE 2016 on 13 to 15 September in Accra

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mPOS helps payment settlements

Barclays Bank of Botswana launched a mobile paying system this week Tuesday, called mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS) which will see customers process transactions within cell phone network range, to help  businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t have a fixed place of operation.

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This is the first film project on autism in Africa and it is about a boy born with autism in a rural area in the western part of Africa in the early eighties, where knowledge of this neurological disorder was null. This movie embodies the life challenges he has to face growing up and his growing obsession for computers after his encounter with them in the city. It is educative, whereas it teaches how to relate to and alienate the stigma that destroys the innate capabilities and aspirations of children with the disorder, and demonstrates how valuable these children could be to the society if given the care and opportunity they need to develop their potential.

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