SA: Special Economic Zones are a Key Driver to Attaining Industrialisation and Economic Growth

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are a key-driver to attaining industrialisation and South Africa’s economic growth objectives. This was said by Deputy Director-General responsible for Special Economic Zones and Economic Transformation at the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), Mr Sipho Zikode. He was speaking during the Western Cape leg of the Special Economic Zone Roadshow that was held in Cape Town, on Wednesday 17 August 2016.

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Malawi aligns its Mining Policy to the AMV

The meeting kicked off on 10 August 2016 at the UN Conference Centre in Addis Ababa and brought together the government, civil society representatives, industry operators, and other private sector actors

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Creating jobs in the SME sector

business in theory

Business In Theory is hosting an event on how to create jobs in the SME Sector.

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V-Club Kenya highlights data availability as an imperative for the Always-On digital enterprise

Veeam® Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™, hosted its Veeam V-Club event in Nairobi on 10 August. Veeam’s V-Club is a global event concept, hosted by Veeam in association with alliance partners, providing senior IT decision makers with a forum to discuss current trends in the market impacting their IT environments.

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Rand Rally To Fire On Or Fizzle Out?

Tumisho Grater, Economic Strategist, Novare Actuaries and Consultants 

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Scatec Solar secures 100 MW Solar Project in Nigeria

Solar Power

Scatec Solar ( has signed an agreement with CDIL, a Canadian renewable energy development company focused on Africa, and BPS, a Nigerian strategic consulting firm, securing the 100 MW (DC) Nova Scotia Power plant located in Jigawa State, Nigeria. This agreement was announced in connection with Scatec Solar’s second quarter results.

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Government of Kenya signs Joint Venture deal with De La Rue

The Nairobi factory will produce 1 billion banknotes a year with potential to increase the production output by 50% with the installation of new equipment

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European Union Welcomes Rural Energy Strategy and Master Plan, prepared by Liberia’s Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA)

Speaking at today’s launch event, the European Union Chargé d’affaires, Mrs Emma Sundblad, particularly welcomed the definition of clear, quantifiable targets in three key areas: Energy Access; Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency. She also congratulated the RREA on the identification of concrete programs and projects to be implemented under a comprehensive framework and praised the Government of Liberia for prioritising access to energy for all parts of Liberia.

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UK Prosperity Fund Announces Southern Africa Projects for 2016/17

UK Prosperity Fund supporting projects in Sustainable Urban Development, Public Private Partnerships and Renewable Energy in Southern Africa

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Ashenda the green carnival

Seriously who would not like a colorful most glamorized Carnival street parties. Let your good times roll at Ethiopia’s unique Ashenda festivals. The celebration is exclusive to Lasta Lalibela, North Sekota and Tigray. It is known as “Ashenda” throughout Tigray, “Shadey” in Wag Hemra and by “Solel” in Raya Kobo. Costumed revelers board throwing beads of flower and palm shaking their shoulder to the beat of a traditional instrument called kebero.

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Can Development Be Sustainable?: Ghana’s Environmental Issues

Firstly, development can simply be defined as a process of growth. Traditional welfare economics had focused on incomes as the main measure of well-being or development. This parameter witnessed countries being seen as developed or underdeveloped (poor) with respect to the income levels of its citizenry. Later works of renowned economist Amartya Sen included other parameters in the broader sense.  His extensive works showed that poverty involved a wider range of deprivations in health, education and living standards which were not captured by income alone. Sen’s view is now widely accepted:  development must be judged by its impact on people, not only by changes in their income but more generally in terms of their choices, capabilities and freedoms; and we should be concerned about the distribution of these improvements, not just the simple average for a society.

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Evaluating the best practices of Tourism

Tourism remained to be an imperative contributor to the economy and sustainable development in Ethiopia and beyond. Tourism is often backed as a means to diversify economic conditions in rural and urban areas by providing alternative sources of employment and income generation.

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Little known incredible facts about Ethiopia

Ever assumed Ethiopia is a place of just a common thing. Nope, it’s truly a stunning and adventures country with globally praised competitive economy in Africa.  At a glance Jumia Travel Africa’s leading online hotel booking website identified little known facts about Ethiopia you probably never heard before.

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International Day of Youth: Reach for Change Africa calls for strengthened social entrepreneurship sector to increase opportunities for innovative youth

Reach for Change Africa is calling on social entrepreneurs, NGOs and government to play their role in strengthening the social entrepreneurship sector in Africa on International Day of Youth 2016. Reach for Change Africa, which runs innovation competitions, incubators and accelerators to support innovative African social entrepreneurs, affirmed that the best way to empower youth to create positive change in Africa is by building a strong social entrepreneurship ecosystem that attracts the most talented, innovative young people to the field.

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Global Warming: How is Africa Affected?

Various parts of Africa are faced by similar but quiet diverse effects of Global Warming. West Africa is most affected by high temperatures and irregular rainfall patterns accompanied with sea level rise. In East and Central Africa, major effects of global warming is in the word ‘warming’. That part of Africa is extremely warm which is resulting to droughts and hunger; in a long term, it is affecting the agricultural sector and standard of life for rural livelihoods. In South and North Africa, global warming is affecting coastal resources through sea level rise and also rising temperatures.

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SOMALILAND: Regulatory Gaps in Mobile Banking Platforms

Somaliland is one of the leading markets of mobile banking platforms in Africa. It has been acknowledged by renowned individuals, such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, and international finance and development institutions, for its innovation and customer reach. It has made easy payment systems for goods and services. It is also free, unlike in most other countries.

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Leon Kluge and South African Mint to provide show stopping design at Cape Town Flower Show

The Cape Town Flower Show is delighted to have designer Leon Kluge participating at the event.  Not only one of South Africa’s most reputable international export garden designers, Leon needs little introduction in the world of showcase gardens.  His garden at the Cape Town Flower Show is being sponsored by South African Mint for whom Leon has cleverly included a theme to reflect their participation.

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