Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa must create time to innovate


Billy Owino, Regional Director East Africa

Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa are resourceful and creative, yet many entrepreneurs lack the time and support they need to innovate in their businesses. Technology, government support and mentoring programmes all offer potential ways to address this challenge.

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eCommerce Africa Confex evolves, leading the way for eCommerce vendors

In 2016, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach just shy of $2 trillion and Africa represents approximately 2% of this. It is the continuing rise of mobile connectivity and the rapid development of FinTech products that is driving the eCommerce environment in Africa. Just over 80% of African people do not have access to traditional banking, yet the continent boasts more than 220 million registered mobile money accounts. Understanding and accessing this increasingly connected, tech-savvy market should be the focal point for all eCommerce vendors going forward.

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Banks grapple while nimble players eat their lunch

By Brian Richardson, CEO of WIZZIT International

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Digital payments could boost tax revenue by nearly US$500 million each year and drive economic modernization in Tanzania

A new study ( from the United Nations-based Better Than Cash Alliance ( provides findings about the large potential gains for governments, businesses and citizens when digitizing payments.

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Equatorial Guinea Government Welcomes Participation in Oil and Gas Licensing Round


Representatives of the Ministry of Mines & Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea, including His Excellency Minister Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, present the EG Ronda 2016 licensing round in Singapore.

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40 African Bankers discuss Collaboration in Mauritius


The Mauritius Commercial Bank Group (MCB) ( hosts 40 top executives representing 40 African banks at the week-long 2016 Africa Forward Together conference which opened this morning at the five-star Ravenala Attitude Hotel. Africa Forward Together (AFT) is an annual event organised by MCB since 2009 to showcase its “Bank of Banks” initiative. Since its inception, 351 delegates representing 108 financial institutions and representing 27 countries have attended the conference, which also aims at fostering better understanding and mutual cooperation between African banks.

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Fundo Soberano de Angola Announces First Quarter 2016 Investment Update

Investment in large-scale farms to boost agricultural productivity across Angola

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Study Finds More Than 1 in 4 Believe It’s Very Likely Sensitive Data Has Been Stolen by Third Party Vendors

Study Finds More Than 1 in 4 Believe It’s Very Likely Sensitive Data Has Been Stolen by Third Party Vendors

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Engen Refinery to undergo planned routine maintenance


Engen Refinery, South Africa’s second largest oil refinery, is set to undergo planned maintenance.  Starting on 19 September 2016, this scheduled activity forms part of the refinery’s ongoing maintenance programme and will run for 21 days.

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Obama’s administration rolled out the Power Africa Initiative which is delivered through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and aimed at helping reach out to Africa in terms of Energy accessibility. With so many projects under the initiative, USAID will be adding more as it has pledged to support the Ghana Government to develop a comprehensive power sector master plan through the IRRP project. Ghana, the beneficiary country is ranked among Africa’s top energy planning country but the country has been facing power deficits in recent decade and thus, affecting the economic status of the country.

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Somaliland: The Debate on Conventional Banking Versus Islamic Banking System

Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

Written by Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

One of the somber challenges faced by Somaliland private sector is access to finance regardless of its form-Islamic or conventional. In a survey done by the World Bank, 48.8 percent of the firms surveyed in Somaliland indicated that access to finance as the number one constraint as far as doing business is concerned compared to a world wide average of 16.9 percent. It is a well documented fact that access to finance creates innovaton, job creation and growth. In Somaliland, formal and regulated financial services are almost non-existent, neverthless informal and unregulated financial services exist.

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Six African Countries Granted Duty-Free Access to EU Markets


Africa trade sector has received good news – especially for manufacturers and traders in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. On 14th September, 2016, the European Parliament The approved an agreement which grants access for the EU countries to receive products from the above listed countries on a duty-free basis. What this means is that, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho have been offered duty-free access to EU markets while South Africa is also listed to have an improved market access.

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Witwatersrand Launches Digital Innovation Hub To Solve Entrepreneurship Crisis

In recent times, our African continent has spurred into an entrepreneurship era with most of our youth having high interest in being an entrepreneur and starting their own businesses. This spur could be linked to the continuous rise of unemployment in many (if not all) African nations.  With this entrepreneurship desire, there is a bright future for hardworking and smart youth. However, most startups are not being able to survive the market environment in Africa – either the skills are missing or there is no enough capital to make the business work. Some few young entrepreneurs have been successful and majority of the successful startups is identified to be using social media and IT to push their success.

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Gemalto Solves Cameroon’s Identity Fraud with Innovative Electronic ID Solutions


The world leader in digital security, Gemalto, is assisting Cameroon’s DGSN (the General Delegation for National Security) in solving fraud and document faking with the usage of Sealys Color in PC for polycarbonate electronic ID cards (eID). This innovative solution consists in laser engraving high resolution color photos into the durable Sealys card body to provide Cameroon with the benefits of irrefutable proof of identity for its 20 million citizens. Gemalto also supports to the country’s comprehensive identity modernization program with its Coesys enrolment solution, its personalization platform implementing color laser engraving technology and eID verification terminals.

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Why a Trip to Ethiopia is one that you never had anywhere


If you were to pick from your bucket list select Ethiopia as this country will take you to a true and luxuries adventure without breaking the bank. Jumia Travel have overhead information’s to show you how excited you can be in the land of Ethiopia which stayed true to its tradition and identity. From the unique culture to the mouthwatering yummy dishes to the incredible history and sights this part of East Africa for sure will raise your bar for greatness.

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AWIEF is here again!


The 2016 edition of the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum is around the corner and it is billed to make unprecedented strides in AWIEF’s Pan-African campaign to accelerate the economic empowerment of women in Africa’s best interest.

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Africa’s Overall Growth has slowed but New Research shows Long-Term Fundamentals are Strong and there are Big Business Opportunities ahead

Business spending is expected to grow from $2.6 trillion in 2015 to $3.5 trillion by 2025

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