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BOST to go Free after Trade of Contaminated Fuel in Ghana

The trade of contaminated oil by Ghana’s Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Limited (BOST) has gone through several proceedings by the general public and formal investigation units in Ghana to help clarify and deduce any illegal or crime associated with the sale of 5 million litres of contaminated fuel to Movenpiina Company Limited. The state’s Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), after investigation, has cleared the case and concluded that there was no offense in the trade. Despite this announcement, the minority in parliament has described the decision as a seed of corruption on the path of the BNI.
According to the BNI, A lab test of the contaminated fuel from the Tema Oil Refinery indicated that out of the options available, selling the product for industrial purposes such as asphalt processing, texture and cement manufacturing was the best. This option was recommended to the MD because TOR is not refining currently and the laboratory result clearly stated that treating it would not give the required quality of AGO (Diesel).
Public Response:
An advocacy group has also released a paper as a response to the BNI in a quest to seek a more just response on the BOST contaminated fuel trade and also calling on the current government to act on the issue. read more

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