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Drought is Driving Food Insecurity in East Africa, Says FAO

Strong El Niño weather event that ended only last year and poor erratic rainfall in recent months is driving food prices high causing food insecurity in East Africa region. Local prices of maize, sorghum and other cereals are near or at record levels in swathes of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania, according to the latest Food Price Monitoring and Analysis Bulletin (FPMA).  Prices of staple cereals have doubled in some town markets within the region. According to FAO senior economist and coordinator of the Global Information and Early Warning System, Mario Zappacosta, “Sharply increasing prices are severely constraining food access for large numbers of households with alarming consequences in terms of food insecurity.” read more

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IMF Report Indicates Drought in Somalia will decelerate Economic Activities in 2017.

drought in somalia

Somalia has marked important milestones in rebuilding its economy and normalizing relations with international financial institutions, over the past five years. However, IMF’s 2016 IV consultation shows that impact of drought in Somalia will decelerate its economic growth from 3.4 percent to 2.5 percent. read more

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