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On numerous occasions I’ve been asked what makes a strong brand. An immediate response is the company’s founders. Without a visionary founding, an organisation is soulless. The essence of the organisation is thus built around the vision and mission of its founders when the organisation is established. It is also important for me to mention that the vision, mission and values must continue to be tested as time moves along. A business’ surrounding environment changes; now even more so than in the past. These changes challenge the organisation to adopt and adapt and at times evolve their mission to align with what the market wants. Before this happens a critical evaluation needs to be carried out by the firm’s stakeholders as to whether a change in strategic direction is warranted. This often takes place where the gap between what an organisation stands for and what the market wants is so wide that without change, the organisation risks gradually losing its client base. Remaining relevant is, thus, one of the factors that an organisation’s leadership must continue to focus on as they grow and progress their brand. read more

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